Boden Car Rental

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Boden - Highlights

Boden is an amazing locality which is famous for its beauty that tempts many people all over the world to visit this place. It is the prestigious part of the Boden Municipality that is part of the Norrbotten County in the country of Sweden. The population of the city was recorded approximately as 18,680 in the year 2005.

The history of Boden is really amazing and the place has rich European culture which woos all the visitors. The municipality of Boden began its life as a railway intersection where the Northern Line meets with the Ore Line (Malmbanan). The town became to see occurrence of increased development when the Boden Fortress was build in the commencement of the 20th century. The intention of the stronghold was to preserve Sweden from a concluding assault from the east. If you’re planning to tour to this place, Boden car hire will be the best option to reach out to the different attractive sites.

Boden became a complete city in year 1919 and it is the prestigious seat of municipality of Boden. It has many tourist attractions and when you want to enjoy and visit each of these places you surely need to rent a car in Boden from us.

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