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Whether for business or pleasure, make use of Borgholm car rental service to visit the beautiful ruined fortress. Borgholm Slott is a sight to behold and definitely deserves at least a day to discover the age old beauty hidden amongst its battered mass. There is no finer way of traveling to the city, of exploring the fortress than with Borgholm car rental. We are here to sure that your stay here is a trip of a lifetime. Top notch Borgholm car hire services, that’s heavy on customer comfort, convenience, affordability and satisfaction.

Borgholm - Highlights

Borgholm is a city and the seat of Borgholm Municipality, Kalmar County, Sweden with roughly about 3,000 inhabitants. It is located on the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea. Borgholm is one of Sweden's historical towns with a former city status (stad). The city is best known for its once-magnificent fortress which is now ruined. Borgholm is, despite its small population, for historical reasons still referred to as a city. The city received its charter in 1816 and emerged as a spa-town in the shadow of the ruins of the once mighty Borgholm Castle, which burned down in 1806. Travelers can experience low-cost and comfortable Borgholm car hire service offered by us.

Geographically, the city is situated some 20 km north of the Öland Bridge. The city serves as centre of northern Öland, and is one of the most popular summer resorts in Sweden. It is best known for its ruined fortress, which is still the most sought out attraction in the municipality. This ruined fortress, i.e. Borgholm Slott, is a colossal stone fortification with rows of huge arches and corridors open to the skies that can be reached either through a nature reserve or from the first exit south off Route 136. The best of the hotels in the town center include Villa Sol, a charming and quaint old pale-yellow house set in a fruit tree-filled garden. Hotel Borgholm has luxurious en-suite rooms, while Strand Hotel overlooks the harbor and boasts of many amenities such as a nightclub, pool and sauna. Hemma Hos is one of the city’s best restaurants, serving pizzas and an assortment of meat dishes. On the northern side of the harbor, Skeppet is a jolly little Italian restaurant, hidden behind a group of silos. For the finest food on the island, head for Bakfickan at the Hotell Borgholm, whose chef, Karin Fransson, is something of a celebrity in Sweden. For those that enjoy a good drink or two, Pubben, Robinson Crusoe and Znaps offer a variety of beverages and even the occasional live band performances. You can rent a car in Borgholm form us to get around here.

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