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Ornskoldsvik - Highlights

Ornskoldsvik is a beautiful city situated in Sweden which also serves as the seat of Ornskoldsvik Municipality. The city covers a population 28,617 as per the survey conducted in 2005. The city is endowed with natural beauty and is surrounded by the High Coast Area which is a scenic view. It also acts as a natural harbor and archipelago in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Trade and commerce have a major role to place and Ornskoldsvik is a primary exporter of heavy machines and paper products. It manufactures environment friendly ethanol powered cars, thus establishing a strapping environment record. Travelers can experience our low-cost and comfortable Ornskoldsvik car hire service.

The city is a marvelous place to visit due to its eye catching views. The major attractions include an indoor water park, Paradisbadet, the high coast, Skuleberget, City center, Kramfors, Bjorkudden Hotel, Lycksele Djurpark, Umea Universitet, Solleftea and many more. Seeing all these places will fill your heart with complete amusement and thrill. Moreover, to travel around the city, you can easily rent a car in Ornskoldsvik from us and comfortably rove around the place enjoying the magnificence of the locations.

The famous sport in the town is ice hockey which has given it a number of excellent and talented players. Football also occupies a major place in the outdoor activities and sports.

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