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Stockholm Tegelbacken - Highlights

Tegelbacken is a junction on Norrmalm of central Stockholm, near Central Bridge and Vaasa Street.Vid Tegelbacken förbinds biltrafik till och från bland annat Centralbron(Nynäsvägen),Vasabron(Gamla stan), Norr Mälarstrand ( Kungsholmen,Essingeleden ), Klarastrandsleden ( Uppsalavägen ) och Klaratunneln ( Stockholms city ). It connected vehicular traffic to and from, inter alia,Vaasa, Bridge, the Central Bridge, North Mälarstrand, Klara Strand Trail and Clara Tunnel. The place is steeped in history, from being the site of "Brick Back misery", it was also the meeting ground of revolutionary writers and journalists. The later was possible because the northern part of the Square had a lot of publishing houses in and around. Crown Prince's house standing in the square had four floors and housed two coffee shops, and Circle Silent Maritimes. Stockholm Tegelbacken car hire allow the travelers to plan their Stockholm trip and explore all its fascinating attractions at your own terms.

Back in 1877, it was a busy crossing between rail, light rail and street traffic. The concept of "Brick Back misery" was born because the railway gates used to get closed to traffic numerous times an hour and caused great disturbance to travelers, mainly during peak hours.Dock fanns från början en underfart för mindre fordon vid sidan av spårvagnsspåren och vid slutet av 1940-talet byggdes en viadukt över järnvägen och underfarten stängdes. So it was decided to be re-modelled in a different way,so as to ensure a  swifter traffic. After many contemporay architects including the visionary Tage William-Olsson submitted their plans,modern Tegelbacken was born under the Development plan for Lower Norrmalm of 1943. Earlier buildings skirting the Square were pulled down and modern offices and hotels were built.Central palace still remains as a antic from past. Even now it houses Seiko, the first japanese restuarent, in its ground floor. Other well known buildings include the Sheraton Hotel,built in the place of  Crown Prince's house from 1783. Audit Firm KPMG also has a office in the vincity. Other places which history lovers must visit includes the Silent Mary, Central Post Office and the Keyserska House. You can visit these historical relics and surrounding areas at ease with the comfort of Stockholm Tegelbacken car rental.

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