Angelholm - Helsingborg Airport Car Rental

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The Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport is positioned at a distance of 34 km from the Helsingborg city and around 7 km away from Angelholm town in the country of Sweden.

An armed forces and air force base was inaugurated at the place in 1945 and in the year 1960 civilian traveller flights started from this airport. In the year 2002, the air force left this airport, and it became a resident only airport. The line in the direction of Stockholm has for all time had the biggest quantity of passengers. Earlier being a military airport it was not really having much facilities but as the time moved on and commercialization happened even the airport got new look. There are all the important facilities being provided at this airport which makes your travel better and convenient. Make your Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport car hire experience hassle-free and memorable with us.

Presently it has amazing structural design and state of the art runways. The terminals are high tech thus passengers, do not face any issues while checking in or checking out. When you visit this place then a much better idea is to rent a car at Angelholm-Helsingborg Airport from us for your convenience rather than relying on public means.
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