Norrkoping Car Rental

Norrkoping is the tenth largest city of Sweden located in the Ostergotland province. It is also the eighth largest municipality of the country. Norrkoping is at the mouth of Motla Strom River which is an inlet of Baltic Sea. The hydroelectricity generated from Motla Strom and the fact that it was a good harbor are the two important factors responsible for the rapid industrial and community growth of this city. Norrkoping is known for its textile industries due to which it has acquired several nicknames like ‘little Manchester’, ‘Surbullestan’ that can be roughly described as town of textile workers and ‘ Peking’.

Norrkoping City Highlights

There are many tourist spots in Norkopping that are of international standard. If you do not want to miss these then you can rent a car from a good car rental company. Doing research and waiting for the public transport kills a lot of time. A rental car will give you mobility to choose the spots that you and your family will enjoy.

You can start the city tour with Kolmarden zoo and safari park. It is the largest wildlife park of Scandinavia. There are convenient parking facilities so that you can spend your time without worrying about the car. Your next destination can be Old Water Tower near the Norrkoping city center. This 45 meters high 13 storied building was built from 1904 to 07. Today it houses about 62 apartments for students.

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